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Property investing in 3 simple steps with Oceania Invest:


We understand your investment goals, finance capacity and investment strategy.


Review our property options and select to proceed forward the best investment property.


Settle and administer your investment property with establishing the timeline for continued property wealth creation.

Who we are

Oceania Invest is a leading authority for new constructed properties in the Australian property market.  We combine local area data, national statistics and property trends from multiple publications and sources to identify high yielding properties with strong equity growth potential. These properties are the opportunities in the Australian property market we present to our clients to help create their property wealth portfolios and realise their wealth creation goals.  Through our extensive professional network and industry leading online service, our clients are able to achieve great returns with their property investments.

Australia is a national economy built on a pillar of new property construction. New housing has always been a strong part of the construction industry in Australia and will forever be an essential need with national population growth. New housing presents an opportunity to enter into the property market at a wholesale cost that can outperform traditional real estate markets, being an appreciating asset with certain tax benefits.

Investing into property should not be a complex. The key to strong returns in property investment is simple successful principles applied consistently, which achieve consistent results. Time and consistency is where great results occur! We strive to be effective for our clients by providing them with some of the best new housing opportunities in the strongest Australian property markets.

Oceania Invest is dedicated to the successful longevity of our clients investing into The Great Australian Dream of Home Ownership. Purchasing any home should always be considered as an investment for the significant amount of financial resources it requires. If you are purchasing your first property, building your property portfolio, or ready to achieve your dream home, Oceania Invest is able to provide you with a competitive, upfront, and honest solution to your property investment goals.

We offer a completely different approach to new property investment that’s stress free, quick, effective, and transparent, which allows our investors to thrive in all property markets within Australia.

Contact us now to discuss your property investment goals, and see how we can make them into a reality, and grow your property portfolio into an enduring legacy of generational wealth.

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